• How to to identify the accounts visiting your website
  • How to upload your list and create your campaign on LinkedIn
  • The targeting options you need to include
  • The way to analyse which accounts are the most engaged
  • How to get aligned with your sales team

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Download this checklist to discover:

What's the best way to retarget in B2B marketing, where multiple people are involved in the buying process?

Account-based retargeting.

Account based retargeting allows you to focus your retargeting ads on the entire buying committee, not just the individual that visited your website.

The easiest way to get started is using LinkedIn Ads. There’s no platform fee and you can upload account lists directly to the platform.

To make it even easier, we created this short ABM checklist to lead you through the process from A to Z!

8 Steps to Account-Based Retargeting 

Re-engage your top of funnel traffic and take control of the buyer journey with this simple 8-step checklist

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