• Why the traditional retargeting approach doesn't make sense for B2Bs.
  • An introduction to Account-Based Retargeting.
  • A step-by-step guide to getting started with account-retargeting on LinkedIn.
  • The tools you need and how to connect them to your tech stack.

© 2023 Leadfeeder. All Rights Reserved. 
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©  2023 Leadfeeder. All Rights Reserved. 
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Inside you'll discover:

There was a time when B2B marketers had to make do with the traditional approach to retargeting ads. But that time is over.

Today, you have access to everything you need to take advantage of a better way to retarget ads via account-based B2B retargeting.

This ebook is a detailed, hands-on, and highly practical guide to LinkedIn retargeting using a visitor identification tool. 

Leadfeeder's Guide to Account-Based Retargeting on LinkedIn

and why it beats traditional retargeting for B2Bs

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