Learn how to strike the right tone, ask the right questions, book the next meeting, and use scripts without sounding like a robot.

©  2020 Leadfeeder. All Rights Reserved. 
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©  2020 Leadfeeder. All Rights Reserved. 
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Day 1: Cold Calling

Sales prospecting can be rough. 

You’re contacting people that most likely don’t want to speak.

You’re (probably) at the start of your career in sales.

And you're so stretched meeting your pipeline goals you likely have no time to up-skill.

To help you along, we've put together this five day cold outreach course.

Each day we'll email you a short 20-minute lesson with some practical, actionable ways to improve your cold outreach.

You'll finish this course feeling confident picking up the phone, writing an email, connecting with someone on social, and recording videos for new prospects.

5 days to become a

Go from cold outreach rookie to pipeline pro in just one week

cold outreach PRO

Here's what you'll learn in one week

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Day 2: Social Selling

Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, share the right content, and target and interact with prospects.

Day 3: Cold Emailing

Learn how to stop sounding like a sales person, use images to increase engagement, and templates you can personalize. 

Day 4: Video Selling

Learn how to overcome your fears, get started on camera, and the formula for the perfectly timed video.

Day 5: Sales Cadences

Learn how to bring cold calling, emailing, social, and video together into the perfect outreach strategy.

Who is this course for?

  • You're starting out as an SDR, BDR, Inside Sales Rep (the list goes on...)
  • You need to increase your connect and response rates
  • You're looking to add a new channel to your cold outreach mix
  • You want lessons from experts but don't have the time for all day courses or long ebooks