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©  2020 Leadfeeder. All Rights Reserved. 
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Prospecting is a tough game.

From striking up conversations with strangers, to fear of rejection, to conflicting best practices — what’s a salesperson to do?

Should you cold cold? Send an email? Connect on social?

Or, maybe, all of the above.

If you can build meaningful relationships via cold outreach, you can become the master of your own pipeline.

That’s a big deal.

So we’re bringing together experts from companies leading the sales revolution, to share insights on what works across cold calling, email, and video outreach.

Join Leadfeeder, Gong, and Vidyard to learn how to take your cold outreach to the next level.

Cold Outreach Masterclass:

Join the webinar on Thursday, 24 September 11am ET | 4pm BST

Your speakers

Andy Culligan

CMO, Leadfeeder

Tyler Lessard

VP Marketing, Vidyard

Russell Banzon

Sr Director Marketing

Sell over Phone, Email, and Video

Kristina Finseth

Growth Marketing Lead



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